On Timing

Often in a great movie/story/plot - the kiss, rescue or victory can’t come fast enough for the average audience.

There’s much drama, tension, conflict, mystery, and turnovers that makes the story progress dramatically while holding the audience spellbound.

But always - the ultimate climatic ending - whether in the form of a kiss, rescue or victory - comes at the Perfect Time. Not a second too early or too late.

This is how it is with God. He’s always On Time - as He is the Author and Finisher of our story - the story of redemption.

Not Knowing What You Want

Read today that if the character in the movie doesn’t know what he/she wants, then the movie drags.

The same is true for our lives.  

No person in their right mind pays to watch a person hang or chill through life.

If you’re not experiencing any kind of conflict in life, you are clueless as to what you want in life.  

Conflict is the essence of a great story.  A great movie.  

Often a great movie that inspires has a character that faces a seemingly insurmountable obstacle, a conflict. 

Then the movie tells an amazing & yet inspirational story of how that specific character overcomes the odds, obstacles and reigns triumphant over the conflict.

This moves people.  

Moves them to tears.  

Stirs their soul for greatness.

Awakens an insatiable thirst for dream, passion & purpose.

You were born with a purpose.

You were created to overcome all odds & obstacles.

You are called to be an inspiration for those only you can touch & awaken.