For SDA Young Adults who are devastated by the recent news for the Record Keeper

Often when church administration ‘tables a motion’ or ‘suspends a project’ it probably means you won’t see it’s (or any other) light of day for many years. We all know of ‘important motions’ that has been ‘tabled’ for many years.

But it is at this point of juncture you need to ask yourself “is leaving really the answer?”

The answer is no.

As prophecied, the work will be finished by an army of youth & young adults who will continue to Persevere w/ the Faith of Jesus.

It’ll not be finished by disillusioned dropouts who are quick to criticize & runaway.

What if you & a group of your friends gathered together this afternoon to sincerely pray for the leadership of the church & to ask what the next step might be for your group?

Will be praying for you this afternoon.

야심을 품은 목회자

야심과 탐심을 품고 하는 목회는 (아무리 대외적으로 설교를 잘하고 좋은 행사를 잘 치뤄도) 영적 사망을 낳는다.

왜냐하면 욕심은 결국 사망을 낳기 때문이다. (약 1:15)

자신의 야망과 탐욕을 위해 목회하는 목회자들/행정가들은 오래동안 주님 앞에 무릎을 꿇어야 한다.

왜냐하면 욕심이라는 것은 스스로 해결되는 것이 아니라 오래동안 주님을 바라보면 저절로 사라지게 되는 것이기 때문이다.

On Christianity

The greatest paradox of christianity is that it has cultivated rationalism and scientific rigor more than any of its rivals.

In its freedom to be paradoxical, it has created room for itself to live and breathe tension. It created a world where both reason and emotion, philosophy and fervor, science and religion can safely coexist.

It does not strive to resolve its contradictions or knotty paradoxes. Nor does it try to produce more cleaner and coherent faith.

You’ll find no other place on earth where you’re given the freedom and space to believe and doubt - and still be fully loved.

In spite of gnosticism, intellectualism and many other isms that have come and gone - christianity is still here.

Because it’s not an ism that can go away. It’s rather an ongoing loving relationship with a Person that is beyond all isms and created the people that created the so-called isms.

For Church Administrators

The moment when ‘rubber meets the road’ for many church administrators is the moment they have something to lose.

They can say that they love and support young adults - but when it comes down to losing control and delegating unprecedented authority & budget - will they step up and take the risk?

Or will they shrink back and destroy the future of the church? (Heb. 10:39)

When you’re still in the business of trying to make a lot of people (members of your constituency) happy to hopefully get re-elected or to ‘move up’ instead of being on mission - you’ll always shrink back.

When you have something to lose (your position, title, job, reputation) - you’ll tend to shrink back and simply maintain & repeat what has been done for years.

Innovation & Revolution (therefore, Revival & Reformation) will only gain momentum when church administrators realize that they have nothing to lose.

That they are simply nobody working for Somebody who is passionate about saving this generation and raising an army of youth that will finish the work.

Volleyball in Spiritual Context

Your position in ‘Spiritual Volleyball’ is to be the setter.

And God, the spiker. 


"Cast all your anxiety of Him" (1 Peter 5:7)

"Cast your cares on the Lord" (Psalm 55:22)

The word cast in Greek - ἐπιρίπτω - literally means to throw upon.

God commands us to cast, to set, to pass, to throw all of our cares, anxiety and anger on Him.

And He promises to spike them, get them over the net, score and eventually WIN for us.

At times, it’s quite tempting to take matter into our owns hands and attempt to spike.

But we forget that we’re neither tall enough … nor do we have the ‘ups’ we need to spike properly.

And even if we got up there somehow - the opposing side somehow blocks every one of our attempts and we fall flat on our backs in pain.

Remember, therefore, to set and behold God is action - as He rises with perfect timing, speed and angle - and spikes that worry, anxiety, anger and resentment - - - out of this world.

Praying for you this morning!

Lesson from the Samaritan woman at the well

From the story we see that because she had 5 husbands & was currently cohabitating - she focused more on debatable & argumentative topics like place of worship instead of the Messiah who was standing before her offering Living Water.

Could it be possible that the church has had 5 different ‘husbands’ and is now cohabitating w/ another while she is called to be the Bride of Christ?

Could this be the reason why the church has been more zealously focused on debatable & argumentative topics like church music & women’s ordination?

Notice how Jesus doesn’t argue. Nor does He condemn. He simply cuts to the heart and offers Himself.

He simply stays true to who He is. The Way, Truth and Life.

This awakens her soul and she comes to her senses.

She drops her guard, throws away all debates & arguments - and invites others to drink the Living Water.

I hope this is the happy ending for all of our churches.

부흥: 하나님께서 찾으시는 신앙

이 세상에서 가장 ‘악한 교인’은 대외적으로 교회가 잘 되고 활동적이길 원하면서 자신의 직접적인 참여와 희생을 거부하는 사람이다.

반대로 자신의 ‘지나친 희생과 헌신’을 강조하면서 - 예수님 대신 자신이 교회의 주인이 되려고 하는 사람 역시 악하다.

교회와 신앙이 - 자신의 안락한 인생과 안정적인 직업과, 화려한 현재에 손해와 침해를 가져다 줄까봐 적당한 거리를 두고 하는 ‘신앙’은 신앙이 아니다.

그리고 세상에서 사람들이 찾는 소위 ‘자아실현 (Self-Actualization)’를 교회 안에서 하고자 하는 것 역시 신앙이 아니다.

신앙생활이 취미생활이 전락하는 이유중에 하나는 대가를 지불하지 않는 신앙이 방치되고 지속되기 때문이다.

사랑에 기초된 견책과 책망 그리고 호소가 결핍된 이 시대에 - 하나님께서는 교회에서 십일금과 헌금 가장 많이 내는 어떤 가족들이나 사람들에게 휘둘리는 사람들보다 - 그분의 말씀에 사로잡혀 충실하게 그분의 말씀을 전하고 그 말씀의 대가를 치르는 제자들을 찾으신다.

진정한 영적 리더쉽에 부재로 인하여 교회는 ‘미지근한 신앙인들의 탄압’ 아래 신음하고 있다.

착각하지 마라. 부흥은 많은 사람들이 모여서 좋은 강사님의 좋은 말씀을 듣고 ‘좋은 시간’을 보내는 것이 아니다.

오히려 부흥은 - 일상 속에서 신앙에 대가를 치르는 삶이다.

For those who have been in Ministry 25+ Years in Adventism

When you’ve been ‘doing ministry a long time’ - you’ve seen pretty much everything under the sun and everything you could possibly see in the adventist ‘system’.

You too were once dreamy, idealistic, ambitious and was going to turn the world upside down - beginning with the church.

But along the way, you found out the hard way it wasn’t going to be as easy as you thought.

You too were given titles but no authority or budget.

You were delegated responsibilities (job descriptions) instead of authority (leadership).

You too were used and abused in your twenties/thirties for your talents and time for not necessarily the mission of the church but for another person’s ambition and credit.

You were also misunderstood and criticized no matter what you did or how much work you put into it by your conference or union leaders and by your parishoners or colleagues.

You also know what it feels like to see in your own reflection that hypocrisy you once hated with all your guts.

And in your journey, some of you climbed up the “Adventist ladder” and some of you didn’t.

Some of you had connected and networked well and some of you were just faithful where you were.

Some of you craved attention, recognition and ‘promotion’. For some of you it didn’t really matter.

Some of you knew how to engage in ‘politics’ and some of you shunned it.

But regardless of what you experienced or did - this is my personal appreciation for those of you who’s still on mission.

For those of you who engage in ministry by the fruit of the time you spend personally with your Savior every morning.

For those of you who do not treat the next generation leaders like you were treated - but treat them with greater respect and have learned to radically delegate authority instead of responsibility.

For those of you who still dare to serve with greater humility more than anything else.

For those of you who do not waste time criticizing the leadership of the church or the system - but creatively engage in mission and thus create change in your sphere of influence.

For those of you who still invest a significant portion of your time empowering the next generation of leaders.

For those of you who failed multiple times - but courageously get up again to follow Jesus in His footsteps.

Thank God for you. Seriously. :) Keep UP the good work!