Satan’s Greatest Enticement for the Twentysomething Generation

The greatest enticement by the enemy is to lose yourself.

To keep yourself busy and occupy your mind with whatever you see fit.

To choose restlessness and thoughtlessness over contemplation and prayer.

He doesn’t want you to think, rest, recuperate, renewed and be transformed.

Rather, he wants you to be over-stimulated, tired, bored, exhausted and incessantly seek amusement & pleasure.

Revival of Imagination

When our imagination is healthy and energetic, it ushers us into adoration and wonder, into the deep mysteries of God.

When it is neurotic and sluggish, it turns us into parasites, copycats, and couch potatoes.

Imagination connects what visible with the invisible - the present with the future, with what is to what is to come.

There is a desperate need for a revival of rich holy imagination of the soul today.

Acquisition vs Surrender: What do we really want?

Brené Brown says we start off the morning thinking we didn’t get enough sleep, go through the day thinking we don’t have enough time, and fall asleep thinking we we failed to accomplish enough tasks. Whatever we have, do, or get, it’s never enough.

Throughout the day, as we interact with others, we are painfully aware of what we’re missing: looks, smarts, talent, luck, money, peace, creativity—you name it. - Michael Hyatt

If you haven’t noticed - there’s a subtle and yet egregarious system set in place in this world - where (on the surface level) we’re constantly taught to be discontent, ungrateful and full of envy. 

At the same time, there’s a deeper longing in each heart - not for more acquisition & consumption - but for more surrender, renunciation. relinquishment. 

Our superficial egos - will always clamor for more attention and stuff.

Our deeper souls - gently nudge us to rest, surrender and total abandonment. 

And as we’ve all experienced - happiness and true contentment doesn’t come from feeding our superficial egos - but rather heeding the ever gentle nudging of our souls. 

Which one will you be feeding or heeding today? 

This will make all the difference in the world!  

Praying for you!

Paul’s Thought on Preachers who Preach Out of Selfish Ambition

"Some indeed preach Christ from envy and rivalry … (they) proclaim Christ out of selfish ambition … (but) whether in pretense or in truth, Christ is proclaimed, and in that I REJOICE" (Phil. 1:15-18)

Paul didn’t judge.
He didn’t criticize.
Nor did he condemn.

Instead, he rejoiced.

This speaks volumes to the modern Adventists that have critical ears and hearts for speakers and preachers “on the other side” or at least the side you’re not on.

Whether it’s audioverse or a vimeo channel … continue to rejoice with your brothers and sisters who are proclaiming Christ.

This is God’s will and calling for your life. :)

How the Church in Philippi Began - Acts Chapter 16

If you’re reading the story carefully, you’ll see that the church in Philppi began w/ 3 different kinds of people w/ 3 different kinds of conversions.

1. Lydia, Jewish Fashionista Businesswoman
2. Demon-Possessed Slave Girl
3. Jailer- ex-GI blue collar serving in Roman prison

What do these 3 people have in common?

They were redeemed.

God through Paul redeems the most unlikeliest people that are obviously super-incompatible w/ each other.

Because you see, Jesus is always in the business of taking strangers - and making them family!

The Bible text isn’t one we master - but one by which we’re mastered by. The Scripture engages us and brings us to action as recipients and participants but without dumping the responsibility on us for making it turn out right. If mastered and engaged by Scripture just right - we become neither frivolous spectators (audience and entertainment enthusiasts) - nor anxious moralists that desperately tries to take the burden of everyone’s salvation on their shoulders.